Our Globe design brings a timeless elegance, crafted with the finest Himalayan wool, this rug features a sophisticated silk border design that exudes understated luxury. Delicately woven silk in part of the the border adds a subtle sheen, elevating its classic charm.

Color: Ii
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Please see here.

All our products are handwoven one piece at a time by our team. Due to this process, there may be minor variances in size, shape or colour, from one item to the next. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handwoven rugs, but this is what makes them so unique.

Craftsmanship: Hand Knotted
Material: Himalayan Wool
Lead time: 14 + depending on size

Hand knotted rugs are composed of many thousands of individual knots, with the yarn tightly knotted by hand around the warp and weft of the rug, requiring highly skilled artisans and time, making them very high quality and long lasting. The higher the knot count (kpsi), the finer the design and quality. These are made in Nepal, where the finest quality hand knotted rugs are made using ancient techniques, creating an exceptionally luxurious finish.

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