Our handmade rugs are infused with a rich history of ancient craftsmanship, which means they have a long-life expectancy. To preserve their beauty and prolong their life, please follow these suggestions for rug care.

Vacuum your rug regularly to prevent dust and debris from settling into the base fibres. Do not use anything too high powered, as it can loosen the fibres. If you can, beat the back of the rug to loosen the dust and debris and then vacuum on a low setting.  Regular vacuuming also helps deter moths, which love wool rugs especially.

Direct sunlight and heat, such as gas heaters and fireplaces, can cause the natural fibers to dry out and fade so position your rug away from both.

We recommend a UK-developed product called AquaDefence as a stain inhibitor for each rug to act as insurance for spills and damage. It is a non-toxic formula that uses nanotechnology to act as an invisible barrier to moisture.

If a thread becomes loose in your rug, do not pull it, but carefully cut it with sharp scissors. This will not damage the rug.

If you require more comprehensive cleaning and care recommendations, please get in touch: studio@pelican-house.com