Pelican House collaboration Barlow & Barlow

Barlow & Barlow is a British interior design studio known for its dual expertise in decoration. The Founder, Lucy Barlow, has a well known reputation for creating spaces that are both youthful and exuberant. 

Lucy designs her schemes with a fearless and luxurious sense of print, pattern and colour, which you can see beautifully in this chequerboard collection.

Chequerboard SpiceChequerboard Spice

Chequerboard Spice

From $1,100.00
Chequerboard SeaChequerboard Sea

Chequerboard Sea

From $1,100.00
Chequerboard SageChequerboard Sage

Chequerboard Sage

From $1,100.00
Chequerboard RockChequerboard Rock

Chequerboard Rock

From $1,100.00
Chequerboard PortChequerboard Port

Chequerboard Port

From $1,100.00
Chequerboard MustardChequerboard Mustard

Chequerboard Mustard

From $1,100.00
Chequerboard AzureChequerboard Azure

Chequerboard Azure

From $1,100.00

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