Pelican House founder Bella Gent with artisans in India

Each Pelican House piece is a result of collaborations with over 150 artisans. We weave using traditional and ancestral techniques blended with contemporary ideas to co-create products steeped in culture, place, and the tales our artisan communities wish to tell.

We believe that every Pelican House piece carries the story of its maker and their relationship with tradition, craft, skill, and textile. We work in harmony with our land, local biodiversity, seasons, and the incredible people that weave our products into existence.

Pelican House artisans in India creating bespoke rugs
Ethical bespoke rugs made by Pelican House in India

Our hope at Pelican House is to truly celebrate our artisan partners and their craft.

It is our responsibility to bridge the often untrodden path between our conscious buyers and communities of artists, makers and crafts-people. We are committed to preserving their past, present and future.

Skilled Pelican House artisans in India