We’re passionate advocates that beautiful design is a force for positive change. Our harmonises ethnicity & heritage whilst achieving a timeless aesthetic.

We take an ‘open kitchen’ with end-to-end transparency across every channel, touch point and interaction. This makes us accountable, responsible and ethical by design. 

For Pelican House to succeed, we believe that we need to distribute ethical growth fairly, measurable in ecological and social terms as well as commercial. 

It is our responsibility to bridge the oft-untrodden path between our conscious buyers and communities of artists, makers and crafts-people. We are committed to preserving their past, present and future.

We believe in creating unique personal experiences for our shareholders: 

  1. Our Artisans: We take an uncompromising approach to selecting our suppliers on ethical grounds. It means we must go to the source, look beyond price alone, establish meaningful personal connections with our makers.
  2. Pelican House: A founder-driven concept, borne out of a vocation for timeless quality, radiant style, ethical practices and excellent customer service, Pelican House’s mission is unavoidably personal.
  3. Community: We work with our customers to co-curate a style and aesthetic, while encouraging them to consciously engage with our network, ultimately giving deeper meaning to our day to day lives.